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Michał Michańczyk
Art Director / Designer

+48 509 799 277

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Foody24 - diet catering from Gdansk, Poland.

Branding, UX/UI design, copywriting, strategy, marketing consulting.

Foody24 asked me to design their complete branding, including a website, visual ID and all of their printed materials.

With my designs Foody24 earned several hundred thousand PLN in just a few months.

The task

I had to resolve a couple of problems: improve conversion, refresh visual identification and all of its elements.

I chose minimalistic and simple solutions, which are easier to remember for potential clients.

One of Foody24 clients said: “Perhaps it is a woman thing, but everything in the package looks beautiful! The containers, the bag, the contents, it all looks great! An ordering through the website is so simple.”

Simple basket

The shopping basket based
on Wordpress and a WooCommerce plugin
is clear and easy to understand for customers.


  • Project: Foody24
  • Year: 2016
  • Client: Foody24
  • Deliverable: Branding, Website
  • Web:

Foody24 is a diet catering company from Gdańsk, Poland. Founded by Michal Michanczyk & Sylwester Kłos in 2016 to deliver tasty and healthy meat based meals.